Eric Coissac, Université Joseph Fourier, France

lab webpage

The DNA metabarcoding, a new insight  into studies of animal diet

Robert Ekblom, Uppsala University, Sweden

lab webpage

Next generation sequencing in non-model organisms: Applications for conservation genomics

Michel Milinkovitch, University of Geneva, Switzerland

lab webpage

Escaping the Mouse Trap: comparative genomics and Evo-Devo in New Model Amniotes

Walter Salzburger, Universität Basel, Switzerland

lab webpage

Evolution in Darwin's Dreamponds: The adaptive radiations of cichlid fishes in East Africa

Final Programme

The program of the 19th BCZ can be downloaded

Program 19th BCZ.pdf.

Best presentation awards

Also this year, prices for best presentation will be awarded at the end of the congress. In total four awards, worth €250 each, are provided by the Royal Belgian Zoological Society and the Royal Dutch Zoological Society:

  1. Best oral presentation for master students

  2. Best poster presentation for master students

  3. Best oral presentation for PhD students

  4. Best poster presentation for PhD students

Anyone wishing to compete for such an award, should indicate «participating for best presentation» in their registration email. During the meeting, a panel of experts will evaluate all contributions based on scientific quality and relevance, and presentation skills. The winners will be made public during the closing ceremony on Saturday.

Plenary speakers...

19th Benelux

Congress of Zoology

Integrative biology: From ecology to molecules

19-20 October 2012

Université Libre de Bruxelles

S building

Rooms Dupréel and Baugniet